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Major Endorsers

Nonprofit Organizations


A Different Feather, NY
The Ahimsa Alternative, Inc., MN
Amano Artisans, VA
American Coating Systems, IN
AMPTRAN Motor Corporation, CA
Bean Products, Inc., IL
BEE Ventures, TX
Benjamin Visuals, FL
Blackbird Designs, CA
Bullfrog Builders, Inc., NY
Bunk House at ZION Bed & Breakfast, UT
Canaan Fair Trade LLC, WA
The Change, NC
Clean Edge, CA
Daddy Van's, CO
Ecoenstyle, CA
Ecolistic Cleaning, DE
EcoOptions, Ltd., IL
Ethical Markets, FL
Foresight Advisors, LLC, NY
Gabrielli Design Studio LLC, MD
Green Design Systems, CA
Green Harmony Living, MD
The Green Queen, CA
Green World Marketing, NY
Greener Country, NY
Herban Lifestyle, VA
Hoffman Management Partners, LLC, IL
The Hub-DC, DC
Irv & Shelly's Fresh Picks, IL
Journey's End Farm Camp, PA
Kahl Consultants, CA
Kate’s Caring Gifts, CA
Kenergy Solar, DC
The Laurel of Asheville, NC
Living Calmness, MD
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center, AZ
Love-Your-Planet Creative Communications, MD
Mary's Wholesome Living, IL
MelaLED, Inc, CA
Miller Chiropractic, MO
Mirador Community Store, OR
National Foundry Products, Inc., PA
Natural Choice Directory, OR
Newgrange Development, IL
New Outlook Financial, LLC, OR
North Star Toys, NM
Northwest Portland International Hostel, OR
Occasions Disc Jockeys, PA
Organic Lifestyle, Inc. d/b/a Olive, Fine Organic Living, WI
Dr. Bigda-Peyton, MA
Planet Earth Renewable Energy, NY
Prairie Violet, LLC, KS
Restore Clothing, NY
RocknSocks Inc, CA
Singlebrook Technology, NY
Solar Service, Inc., IL
Susan Hebert Imports, OR
Sustainable Business Network Mass, MA, NY
Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., HI, NY
Taraluna - Fair Trade, Organic, Green & Ethical Gifts, CA
TerraLogos Energy Group, MD
Tierra Vista Tours & Consulting, MD
Turning Life, TX
Twenty Mile House LLC, CA
Village Bakery Cafe and Della Zona Pizzeria, OH, CA
Weil Aquatronics, Inc, CA
Wholesome Food Catering, PA
World Peaces, OH

Financial Institutions and Professionals

Educational Institutions

For the financial professionals and institutions listed above, mention of the concept of Clean Energy Victory Bonds, or the legislation to create this product, does not constitute an offer to buy or sell or a recommendation to buy or sell. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. There can be no assurance that this, or any other investment, will generate profitable results.